And Now A Message From June Cleaver...

It is my duty to let all of the young single Republicans out there know that I have found the jack-pot for dating. Oh, I suppose even young Democrats can go to this place... it may even help them in the future.

I am talking about a Republican Party Rally.

If you are young and single, then you need to march yourself down the the nearest Republican Party headquarters and volunteer because I will tell you, I have never seen so many good looking young people as I did yesterday at the Sarah Palin Rally here in Omaha. That is OMAHA... not Obamaha.

If you are looking for a clean-cut, conservative, EMPLOYED, educated, Christian person to spend the rest of your life with... well I just offered you the best kept secret in all of politics.
Please send me a wedding invitation... send one to the White House as well, I am sure John McCain and Sarah Palin would be happy to attend.


Cousin Steve said...

Obamaha, that's funny!!

I live in McCaindiana.

Anonymous said...

cousin steve,
Are you sure about that McCaindiana?

Anonymous said...

Hey...did you see Palin put the protestor in his place?? Ha how awesome!
By the way anonymous....mr/mrs/ I am not going to write my name...It is McCaindiana! It's also McCALABAMA!

Love you Cris,
Claire (your fellow republican sister!)

The Whitsitt Family said...

No, comment on the politics, but do you mind telling me where you got your blue star mothers flag on your sidebar? My husband just deployed to Iraq, and I would love to put one on my blog. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I hope you're right - I hope McCain ends up in the White House!

Anonymous said...

I love the writing you do.Keep it up. Greetings from the same city.(Sometimes, in the winter and humid summer. known as "the armpit of all cities" or "Why am I stuck here?")
Deployments do end, finally.
Long time lurker,also Catholic, helping homeschool grandma of nine,retired military wife and Mom who longs for the South

Urban Mom said...

My MIL -- politically the polar opposite of U-Dad & me -- told me today to "vote and then pray." Oh believe me, honey. I will!

Off to tip off the Pink Power Ranger about the tip for singles.


Heidi said...

Shut up, you did not just plug a Rally for a dating service. You crack me up!

Petunia said...

Well written article.