What Does A Hairdresser And A Gynecologist Have In Common?

I am going to get my hair cut today. This is a stressful thing considering I am in a new town and therefore have to go to a new hairdresser. After 2 years in DC I had finally just found a girl who I trusted to take a pair of scissors to my tresses.

I asked my friend Trisha who she recommended and she gave me the name and number of her stylist. This stylist is at a very posh little salon that not only offers haircuts, but they offer eyelash tinting, hand massages, facials, waxing, buffing, lubing... you name it, they offer it. This is the kind of salon that I prefer because it is very rare that I get an hour without my children and if I am going to make a flee for the outdoors sans children I would like to be pampered and buffed while at it. Call me selfish, but that is how I roll... for an entire 60 minutes every 6 weeks.

This morning I got up extra early so that I could shower, shave and tweeze before going to the hair salon. I plucked, spray tanned, and groomed myself into a tizzy. As I was moussing my eyebrows I realized that I prep for a haircut in the same manner that I prep for a pap smear.

I would never go to the gyno without showering, shaving, putting on nice smelling lotions and wearing my best undies and bra. The same applies for the salon. I would never think of going to the salon in the get up that I wear on most days... the hair in a pony tail/tank top and sweat shorts look. I would never want my stylist to think I did not take care of myself, just like I would not want my gyno to think I neglected my appearance either. So I end up heading out for the stylist in the same manner that I would head out for a night on the town. All dolled up!

I guess I could say the same for the dentist. Although the dentist takes a little more preparations as I have to start flossing every day for two weeks prior so that my gums do not bleed during the examination and the dentist looks at me and through his face mask asks "How many times a week do you floss?" If I gave him the truthful answer it would be, "How often do I floss? Well lets see... after I put the kids to bed, do some more laundry, balance the checkbook, pick up stray toys, chat with my mother on the phone, let the dog out, make sure all of the doors are locked, and collapse into bed? About three times a week." No, if I start preparing two weeks before the dentist visit, when he asks me that question I can honestly say, "Every single mother loving day!"

So those are the people who see me at my best... my stylist, my gynecologist and my dentist. If my husband wants to see me looking all pretty he needs to change careers. Lord have mercy.


Peggy Sez.. said...

But don't you look nice on those three (plus) days? ;p

Tracy, mom2many said...


this has nothing to do with your post but I heard it on NPR and thought of you immediately. I live in Tx so Cub fans are far and few between.

momto5minnies said...

YES, I make sure to look my best ... all prettied up with makeup. I do this partly to feel like I fit in at the salon, but mostly it is because I am forced to look at myself in a mirror for WAY TOO LONG.

stupidfathobbit said...

I think this is synonymous with the way my wife used to behave the day before Merry Maids would come over. She would clean everything, straighten everything and ask me to leave for the next 24 hours so that the house could be clean when the cleaners get here!!! As a male, I don't understand this theory. On the night before I go to the dentist, I drink a quart of buttermilk, eat some cabbage and some sour cream and onion potato chips. I don't brush or floss that night or the morning of. I'm getting my money's worth baby! (stolen from Tim Allen)