100 Reasons Why June Loves Ward...

100. You take care of me.

99. You stand up for what is right.

98. You have strong hands.

97. Your smile lights up your face and makes me smile in return.

96. You laugh at my jokes… even when you try not to.

95. You are a gentle father to your daughters.

94. You are a strong father to your son.

93. You are a man your son can strive to be like.

92. You give each of our kids their own nicknames that only you call them.

91. You mow the lawn… sometimes twice a week!

90. If I tell you something needs to be fixed, you drop what you are doing and try to fix it.

89. You would give me the world if I asked for it.

88. You eat every meal I cook… and you always compliment it.

87. When we go on walks, you hold my hand.

86. When we share a DQ Blizzard, you will order a M&M one even though you don’t like them, just because they are my favorite.

85. You try not to wake me up at the crack of dawn when you leave for work.

84. You are the Faithful leader of our family.

83. You bought me a vanity license plate just because you know I love those!

82. When I am in a room full of women, I know that I am the most loved.

81. You make me feel sexy, even when I don’t want to feel sexy.

80. I trust you.

79. You would shave your chest hairs if I really wanted you to.

78. You look really good with a tan in the summer… I mean REALLY good.

77. You wear your “World’s Greatest Dad” t-shirt the kids gave you.

76. When I was shocked about being pregnant a fourth time, you were overjoyed just to help me through my shock.

75. You always call to check on me throughout the day.

74. Your bad moods don’t hang around too long.

73. You wipe down the bathroom sink after you shave.

72. You love to get dressed up and go out.

71. You miss me when you are away.

70. You keep secret pictures of me in your wallet.

69. When you told me not to buy a dog and I bought one… you weren’t mad.

68. When you told me not to buy a guinea pig and I bought one… you weren’t mad and actually
bonded with the guinea pig.

67. When you call to remind me about things, you aren’t doing it to pester me, you really want to
just help.

66. You are always considerate of others.

65. I have never heard you utter a mean word about another person.

64. You are a really really good son.

63. You love your brother.

62. You like my friends.

61. You are a flirt, but you don’t realize it.

60. You are better looking than Rob Estes.

59. You try and sing me songs while you are in the shower.

58. You are 100% present in your children’s lives.

57. You coach every sports team your children are on.

56. You always watch your daughter ride her horse.

55. You hit balls with your son.

54. You love to cuddle.

53. You take me out on a date just about every Saturday!

52. You turn me on.

51. You would be the person I would call if I were on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”

50. You always supported me when I was finishing my degree.

49. You love my blog.

48. You do fabulous PR work for my blog.

47. If there were only one piece of dessert left… you would give it to me.

46. When I said I wanted that stupid treadmill… you bought it for me.

45. I knew I was going to marry you on our second date.

44. You told me you loved me after only knowing me for 2 weeks.

43. You used to be a drummer in a rock band… that is so hot!

42. You hate reality TV, but will watch it because I love it.

41. You turn off the news when I am sick and tired of looking at Presidential Candidates.

40. You like my hair long… but when I cut it short you always tell me it looks good.

39. You would give your life for your country.

38. You forgive me when I need to be forgiven.

37. You took me to Ireland… TWICE!

36. You know when I am in a bad mood, and you don’t make it worse.

35. If I called you and asked you to stop and get me a candy bar… you would.

34. You make the kids your famous “white bread, pizza sauce, and American cheese” pizza.

33. You have saved every letter I have ever written to you.

32. You always ask me to dance at parties.

31. You help me make the bed on weekend mornings.

30. You never give me a reason to get jealous.

29. You bought me a stinkin’ HUGE wedding ring.

28. We share the same dreams.

27. You have great looking toes.

26. You are always in the mood… even if you are sick with the flu and cannot even stand up.

25. You trust me.

24. You don’t complain when you come home from work and the house is in chaos.

23. You love being a family.

22. You mail me cards on Holidays because you know how much I love to get mail.

21. You will sit with me on the couch just because I ask you to.

20. You laugh at my interpretation of Greta VanSusteren.

19. You smell really good… and you don’t even wear cologne.

18. You keep a t-shirt next to the bed at night “in case of burglars.”

17. You vacuum my van and don’t complain about the French fries you find under the seats.

16. You organize my closet.

15. You have a great rear.

14. You back me up when I set rules for our children.

13. You will move heavy furniture for me.

12. You try very hard to follow my “no farting in the van!” rule.

11. You trust me to educate your children.

10. You dropped your girlfriend of 4 years after knowing me for only a weekend.

9. You tell me about your day.

8. My parents can depend on you.

7. You don’t sweat the small stuff.

6. You love the Chicago Bears.

5. You do the gross jobs like unplug toilets, clean out the pond, fix the garbage disposal, and unclog the bathroom sink.

4. You feel bad when you do the laundry and shrink my favorite sweater.

3. You tell me I look good… no matter what the scale tells me.

2. You do that thing that makes me laugh…

1. You are mine!


Kathryn said...

Love the list, he is one lucky guy!

Kasia said...

After reading this list, I totally love your husband!!! :-) He sounds like a gem. God bless you both on Valentine's Day!

Beth said...

Sounds like a wonderful man. I love this list although I don't get #18. Did you mean hammer, axe,lead pipe?

Or does your husband have a really stinky t-shirt that he might use to scare off a burglar? Perhaps you sleep naked and he wants to help you cover up in a flash? Or perhaps I am dense today and just don't get it? Most likely that's the case.

Happy Valentine's Day, June! You always make me chuckle!

Cris said...

Beth... #18 "You keep a t-shirt next to the bed at night “in case of burglars.” is because my husband goes to be each night with a t-shirt on and then takes it off before he falls asleep. Each time he does this he puts it at the foot of the bed and says "in case of burglars" meaning that if a burglar came into our home he would put on his t-shirt before he went and kicked some butts.

Basically, it is just his excuse for not putting it in the hamper.

Happy V Day!

the Mom said...

Love the list. I did one, too, and it seems we love our guys for many of the same reasons. Either that or you copied my list.

the Mom

the Mom said...

He does travel a lot. Hmmmmm...interesting. Say the words "Jeopardy!" and "Dean Connery" to yours. If he nearly pees his pants laughing, we've got to have a talk.

the Mom

the Mom said...

that was Sean Connery. Not only am I sharing a husband with someone way cooler than me, now I can't even type.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is all very sweet and all, but he's making the rest of mankind look bad. Please give me his number so I can have a talk with him. This list should have no more than 43 possible points on it, he's way over budget.

Gretchen said...

Oh, how wonderful. Ohhh, I want to cry. :) My guy is great too.

#43! I'm hot for your hubby now. Drummers, oh yeah.

Christine Rockwell said...

OMG! Tear! What a great couple you guys are! It's wonderful to know that there are happily married people out there besides me!

Momto5Minnies said...

Very sweet ... lucky, lucky woman!

Now my little list of 5 things seems a bit weak. Oh well!

Matilda said...

Do we get to see this stinkin' HUGE wedding ring?

Star Molegraaf said...

So sweet I love this post. Happy Valenties Day!!

Loooooove rule #12- I so plan on putting this on our family rule list!!hee