Yes... They Are Real

Saturday night Carl and I went to a slogan t-shirt party.

There were some really funny ones there-none that I can repeat here because my mother reads my blog. I would have to explain them all to her and then they wouldn't be funny anymore. Kind of like the time I told her a joke that involved KY Jelly. She laughed and laughed and then said "What is KY Jelly?"

My favorite t-shirt said "Brown Chicken... Brown Cow"

Keep saying it over and over again and then toss in a 1970's porn theme music in the background. You will be singing "brown chicken brown cow" all day long.

I promise.


Anonymous said...

How nice to see June and Ward had an evening out! What a hot couple!
Aunt Barbara

Anonymous said...

what does carl's shirt say?

Beth said...

First of all...they look fabulous...the girls,that is.

And I love those shirts.

And I'm already singing Brown Chicken Brown Cow. (Although I usually sing it Bow Chicka Bow Bow. But I usually get the lyrics wrong to most songs I sing...)

Cris said...

Carl's shirt says "June Cleaver Rocks my Socks off"


Regina said...

heard the brown chicken brown cow as a joke recently. farmer walks into his barn...somethin or other...brown chicken brown cow. LOVE that one.

the Mom said...

I've been singing it for days now. Thanks.

BTW, love the t-shirts.

Janny said...

The only question I have is, how does June Cleaver know what "1970's porn theme music" sounds like?

Inquiring Minds, and all that...


chestertonian said...

Ah, the wonders of whole milk.