The Good... The Bad... The Love...

Today is my parents wedding anniversary. I am very blessed to have been a product of their drunken Irish love. They have taught me so many things.

Like how to get your point across by throwing a spoonful of mashed potatoes at someone at the family dinner table.

My mother taught me how to teach my children not to smoke by giving me a drag of the cigarette she lit up just to prove a point to my father.

My mother also taught me that actions speak louder than words... although screaming usually gets the message sent.

They taught me that it is OK to smack your kid in front of a Priest. The Priest is always on the side of the parents.

I learned that the main reason to have children is so that they can do chores around the house... and get beer out of the garage fridge.

My father taught me that price tags are simply a bargaining point. Everything can be bartered down.

My dad also taught me how to throw rocks at people and argue passionately over a place in line at the paper recycling center.

I have learned that family vacations are not supposed to be planned out. Just toss your bags in the car and wing it... and it is always more fun if you forget your medication or the vacation money at home while on your trip. That is what makes memories!

My mother told me the night before I was to be married that everything she had taught me to be wrong was now right. It took months before I realized that she was talking about sex and not about drugs, lying, robbing banks, making prank phone calls...

Sure my parents taught me other things like morals, values, responsibility, citizenship and what-not. But I am thankful for all of the lessons that weren't in Dr. Spock's books that they taught me. All of my goodness comes from them.

My mother says my bad habits come from my father's side. My mother also like to pretend that she does not drink, but she come prepared with a six-pack just in case.

Happy Anniversary Ma and Dad! Ya know I love ya!


The Farmer's Wife said...

I love your blog. I just thought you should know, you give me my daily laugh.

Anonymous said...

Yes, your mother got your father. But, I got the car!
Aunt Barbara

ps Happy anniversary Sis!

the Mom said...

The priest is always on the side of the parents unless he comes from a big Irish Catholic family himself. Then they make him laugh. I know. I tried to use my bad children to get an easy time at Confession...it back-fired on me. http://shovedtothem.blogspot.com/2007/08/ratsfoiled-again.html

Otherwise, you are brilliant as usual.

MKHKKH said...

Cris- Thank you for your prayers for Hank. He is home now and doing pretty good. Your blog has been a nice, light hearted place to visit. I need a good laugh.

BTW, my dad is reading your blog now. He really liked the lawn mower post. LOL. You do have some secret men readers. :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Did you hear you were named #1 on the list of favorite Mother's of all time?
Wait, maybe that was the other June Cleaver!
Oh well, they just don't know you like we do!!!
Happy Mother's Day, June!
AB from IN

Barb said...

Oh hysterical!! I think we are related, but then again, aren't all the Irish related? My mother set our couch on fire trying to smoke. :) Great Blog, thanks for the laugh today.