Bowling at Bolling...

For the record, since today is Cinco De Mayo I was going to post this entire post in Spanish, but since I only know curse words in Spanish I didn't get very far...

Today we went bowling... at Bolling Air Force Base. How do you like that? Bowling at Bolling.

While there I chatted with a fellow blogger and friend Marva. Go check her out at http://marvassanitycheck.blogspot.com/

Marva and I were not bowling while at Bolling. I was not bowling at Bolling because of a few reasons, #1 I was not drunk, #2 I was with my children and I didn't want to embarrass my thirteen year old with my "SuperStar" dance that I must showcase after each of my bowling attempts, and #3 I did not want to show my husband up by beating him in front of all of his esteemed colleagues (a-hem).

Marva was not bowling at Bolling because she had cramps.

I said I had cramps too!

We quickly discovered that if you read a blog long enough, you will start taking on the same menstrual cycle as one another. The blog world is kind of like a sorority house-once a month all the women are insane and the men run for cover.

Remind me to get an ad for Maxi-Pads this time next month. I could make out like a bandit. A very pissed off-for no apparent reason-bandit.


Marva said...

So very glad to have been able to help you with your blog topic! :) Thank God the cramps have subsided!

Lori said...

I have cramps, too! The power of the 'net...amazing!