Why The Hell Are You Being So Nice To Me?

Today was Emma's last day of preschool. Next year she will be homeschooled like the rest of the rug rats around here. I am very excited... she is a little apprehensive.

The problem is that all of the stinkin' little kids in her preschool class are going to Kindergarten next year, at an actual school. Emma is feeling a little gyped.

I tried to explain to her that next year Hope and Aaron will no longer be homeschooled and will be gone all day long so she and I will be able to color and sing and do crafts and cook and bake and play games and learn to read and solve world hunger. She just looked at me and said:

"Not if you are going to use your happy voice. I don't like your happy voice."

I blinked twice, thought to myself that she has become so used to my "mean voice" that she finds my "happy voice" disturbing. I can just picture the phone conversation we will have when she is 36 and says to me, "Well Mother, my therapist says that you never talked to me in a happy voice and I became dependant on your mean voice and that is why I am emotionally constipated."

I asked Emma why she doesn't like my happy voice.

She said, "It creeps me out mom."

I think she is going to be the hardest one to break... damn.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I think I am one of the 12 who keep coming back to look at your home on the internet:) I have been reading your blog for a while now...am an AF wife too w/3 kids and DH is returning tomorrow from a year long deployment:) Just wanted you to know...I am guilty of looking at your home. Before I moved (when DH deployed) we lived in Springfield, VA in a home similar to yours...so I looked at yours because I missed mine so much! We too rented our home in VA just from looking at pics on Internet...more common than you think. Love your blog...one of my favs!

Anonymous said...

Ok, and now I am really embarrassed....that comment should have gone with "Oh for the love of God"...it is early morning, I am blond...what can I say:) That should explain it all. Have a great day!:)

Anonymous said...

That "Anonymous" is not me!
But, it was a good one!
You make me LOL!
Aunt Barbara

Beth said...

I have a happy voice and it often creeps ME out. Sounds too fake so my kids know that when I'm using it I'm up to something they aren't going to like.

the Mom said...

My eldest felt gyped because she wanted a Barbie backpack and a new lunch box. Easy enough.

Ask her what she's missing out on, it may just be that she wants a shiny new book bag.

Gen. Sorenson said...

Aunt Barbara said LOL!!!

Cris said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! It took me about 2 seconds to know who General Sorenson was!

My cousin Steve makes me lmao.

momto5minnies said...

WOW, some changes happening in your family (us too).

Emma will get used to that "happy voiced" teacher. Even the kids that go to traditional school have to listen to that.

Lori said...

When we first attempted homeschooling with our then-3rd grader, he wanted to go back to public school in 4th grade...I asked him why? "Because in 4th grade you get to have a sleepover at the ZOO!" Dad took him to sleep over at the zoo...problem solved.

Our current 1st grader (we're bringing them home in stages) tells me he wants to continue at public school next year instead of coming home...I ask him why? "Because they have strawberry milk at lunchtime." I told him I thought we might be able to manage that as well.

So, like the mom above who suggested the new backpack/lunchbox, you may be able to convince Emma without even having to resort to your "happy voice" !!!