Monday Swoon Three-Peat...

What do you get when you cross a good-looking actor and three summer box office hits? You get Eric Bana on the NEW and IMPROVED Monday Swoon-which is NOT under new management, and well, okay... it has not been improved much, but he was around so much this summer that I thought it only logical that he gets the HIGH HONORS of being the first Swoon in a long time. Congratulations Mr. Bana-I am sure you have no idea what this is about to do for your career-but rumor has it that if you are ever featured on the Monday Swoon your life is about to get very good, very fast. Look at Matthew McConaughey-he is a regular feature on the Swoon and his career is BOOMING with hits such as "The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past."

Hmmm... maybe that was a bad example.

Anyway, Eric Bana was in three, count em' THREE movies this summer. I know. WOW!

When he called the Six-Pack to let me know about his latest movie (What? You don't believe me that Eric Bana calls me? Pffft, whatever. I have my delusions, you have yours.) He told me I would really like it, not only because I had read the book but also because he is costarring with one of my favorite actresses of all times Rachel McAdams. I love her in any film she does... one word for you "The Notebook."

Okay, that was two words, but still...

Eric is from Australia. HELLO? Accent! And look at his jawline... they just don't make jawlines like that anymore. I am sure some of you will comment and say "Oh but June the DO make jawlines like that still... my husband has a jawline like that and I just love it!" Well, good for you-but does your husband have this jawline AND a Australian accent? I didn't think so, so back off!

You know what I like most about this book turned movie turned back into a book that is on the 30% off self at Target? The character's names. Clare and Henry.


Those are both great names, and Eric Bana looks just like a Henry doesn't he?

Moving on...
Many moons ago at the beginning of summer-or maybe it was spring, my son (who is not only a member of the angry-boy syndrome but he is the President!) dragged me to see the Sci-Fi geek movie Star Trek.

When the movie was over I told my son that I loved him more than I love m&m blizzards for making me go see this flick. Why you ask? Because Eric Bana plays the bad guy Nero. I didn't even know it was Eric because he had shaved off all of his thick brown wavy hair and had tattoos all over his face.
Some would think that was frightening and creepy.
Not me. Nope.

I think ink on the face may be the next NEW thing don't you? It says something doesn't it?
It says "I am a bad guy and I am never going to be a good guy so if you get mixed up with me just prepare yourself to have a bad guy on your hands at all times. A guy who doesn't *^$% around and ain't afraid to bleed."
Yeah, I'm thinking I like face tattoos... if only for fashion sake.

Phew. Hard to stop looking at those face tattoos isn't it?
Mr. Bana once again switches gears and is in a movie that I have yet to see but really want to because it has Eric Bana in it and he was on the Monday Swoon over at June Cleaver After a Six-Pack... Hey! Wait a minute!
Anyway, he is in Funny People with-funny people. This is a must-see girls because he is speaking in his native tongue in this one. Oh yeah. So when he says his lines you have to squint your eyes and tilt your good ear toward the big screen and then turn to your friend sitting next to you and say "What did he say" to which she will respond, "I don't know... was he saying something?" and you will say "Yes, something about being as dry as a dead dingos donger... whatever that means." and she will say "What? a dead dingo's what?" and then you will loudly say "DONGER." and then the people behind you will shush you and you will turn around and tell them it is a free country and before you know it you are kicked out of the movie theater like a 13 year old boy and you will never know just what Eric Bana was talking about!
Sigh. Damn accents.
But at least you will be able to look at his forearms.

And... AND... he is in this movie with ANOTHER of my favorite actresses Leslie Mann. He sure knows how to pick his co-stars doesn't he? Or is it that my favorite actresses know how to keep the Six-Pack happy and pick really good leading men.
I vote for door #2.

Hmmm, what else can be said about Eric Bana....
I can't think of anything can you?

Yeah... I think we covered it all.
Eric Bana with hair
Eric Bana is a good Henry
Eric Bana bald
Eric Bana with face ink
Eric Bana accent
Eric Bana forearms
Eric Bana leading man
What I am missing?

Oh yes... now I remember.


The Wannabe Redhead said...

You forgot one very important word:


'nuf said.

Glad you're back, June. Makes the world seem right again.

TheSeeker said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY June's back!! We missed you, dear.

Stina said...

I will say, and this may put me on the crazy train, but I preferred Mr. Bana to Mr. Pitt in Troy. Nice swoon!

Welcome back!

Uptown Girl said...

swooooooning away!
good choice, Eric Bana melts me everytime i see his face... etcetera.

Welcome back Cleaver... and a special thanks to NASA for sending you back in time for the Monday Swoon.
No need for me to blog today, just posting a link to the swoon!

SJT said...

Thank goodness for the swoon. My Mondays were getting repetitive. Oh...Love your blog.

Christine said...

OH MY! That is a sexy SEXY man right there! OH and YAY JUNE'S BACK!!!

::does a little dance:: :)

MaeMae said...

So glad you're back!!!!! Cousin Steve tried his best, but he's no replacement for you. He deserves a cold one, though.

Kelly said...

Lord have mercy! June is back! :D

Love ya and missed ya tons.

powdergirl said...

ooooo, June, I was out wlking the other night, as I passed the golf course I was alerted my my supor-sensors to look hard to my left.

Yeah, there was a really really cute guy behind the fence, and he was smiling at me. And then he said something really really cute.


I wanted to bring him home with me, but the husband wreaks havoc on those cute faces.

But it was fun to speculate ;->

The face ink is pretty hot too.

As is the mounted and chest-plated look.

Kristina said...

Oh, very nice choice. I've missed the hot guys, I mean you... Good to have them, I mean you, back.

Stephanie said...

Yeah yeah he is hot....love his eyes.

Urban Mom said...

June is back! June is back! Oh, how lonely and quiet the blogoverse has been without you. And I'm with Stina... yeah, Brad Pitt was nice and shiny and tan in Troy, but I just kept thinking, "Who is THAT?" when it came to Eric Bana. And that accent makes me all quivery. He's been on the late-night talk circuit lately. Talking with that accent. Sending me to bed all quivery. *sigh*

wankette said...

"Braided hair on a man really does it for me."

-- what I said after seeing Troy for the first, seventh, fourteenth, and thirty-first times.


Lizzie @ Lizzie's Home said...

As an Australian, I lay proud claim to this piece of awesomeness of which you speak.

And just like the Indonesian taxi driver we met in Bali in 2000, I'd like to tell you he's my husband's best friend with the same level of sincerity Mr Indonesia used when he said he was married to Nicole Kidman, but alas, no.

P.S. Our accent is perfectly understandable. Just think of the cute Aussie doctor on House.

But Eric? Yummy.

P.P.S. Yes, Australian men have a high Jawline Awesomeness Factor. 'Tis bred into us - I'm sure we have Nordic blood in there somewhere.

And need I mention HUGH JACKMAN a la "Australia"? Horrible movie (most Aussies are a bit 'meh' on it), nice leading man!

Jess said...

Welcome back!

warren said...

Ok...wait a second...face tattoos? Think about Mike Tyson...


Ummm...hell no!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back June! my mondays weren't complete without you!

Anonymous said...

Face tattoos...
hmmm...brough me out of lurking.

I had to stay on a little longer to listen to the Bartender song again....hahaha.

...fun blog June.

wankette said...

I t just occurred to me that Leslie Mann could TOTALLY play you in the movie of your life.

p.s. Catherine Zeta-Jones is playing *me* in the movie of your life.