Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens...Beer in a Bottle and Shots in a Row

Yes, I know it is Friday and yes, I am aware that the masses come to this blog on Friday in order to catch up on all of the important world events (yeah, that is right... suck it YahooNews.). But I am just not feeling it today.

I don't mean to let you down-but sometimes friends do that-they let you down... they throw you under a bus.

I am not throwing you under a bus here... I am just not giving you those boring news clippings.

I am going to give you something much MUCH better.

I am going to let you in on some very funny favorite things of mine.... well, some aren't funny-like Coconut water. That is one of my favorite things-I drink it after yoga and it is so bad that it makes me feel good... but it isn't funny-unless you are talking about how it smells because it does kind of smell funny, but I have found if I just hold my breath and drink it, my body gets all of the benefits and my nose does not cause my throat to have a gag reflex.

But enough about coconut water.

Another nonfunny favorite thing of mine? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with potato chips on top. Yep. I eat one every day. I can't help myself...

Now, on to my favorite funny things:

These peeps are not on my sidebar YET... but I am getting there. I know I am slow-but slow can be good sometimes, just ask the tortoise.

So, as Fraulein Maria said, "These are a few of my favorite things!" Go visit them-laugh a little and have a fabulous Friday!

Gina-so funny that I may have even spit coconut water all over my laptop when I read her.

Powdergirl-or as I lovingly call her Powder "ain't nothing wrong with good lookin mens" girl. My day is not complete before I head on over to see what trouble she is up to!

PhatMama-who sends me into convulsions from laughing so hard-I mean, this mama is so funny that I want to just pack up my bags and follow her around all day laughing. Not only am I a member of the PhatMama fan club... but I am the President!

Maria-We all know and love Maria don't we? Not only is she witty and sharp as a tack, but she is also GORGEOUS! If only I knew a single Catholic nice boy to set her up with... but sadly, I cannot think of anyone who is good enough for this youngster that I have grown to louvre. Robert Pattinson is single... hmmm.

Oh... and even though you all come here on Friday under the guise of obtaining knowledge of the world around you, I know why you really come.

Have a stupendous Friday ladies!


Gina said...

Aww - you are so sweet! I feel the same. Also - don't come looking to me for a new laptop. I can't help it you can't hold your coconut water.

Sarah said...

Ooooh...you mean they may be as funny as you? I'll have to give them a try.

Anonymous said...

collected them in my new read folder. THANKS! Lunchtime is here...I may have to look for the Lays...you gotta try everything at least once...*grin*...First hot vampires now PB&J fat pills...NOM.

warren said...

Do you figure that fella had a cricket jump down his pants?

Uptown Girl said...

I'm so honored...I louvre you too! Rob will have to wait his turn like the good little boy that he is, but sure I guess I'll let him take me out when he comes to NYC. Why not? If nothing else it will make an interesting post and a fun night for him :)
Oh, to make it up on your blog along with that baseball player is such a thrill. thx June!

FLYNAVY said...

Just adjusting stuff around. Xplains why I'll never make Captain.
Miss Cleaver,
Coco water is the best drink there is & works well too rehydrating babies in Congo, they've been using it for yrs in ivs...good stuff. Pass on the chip pb&j. Like mine naked.
6 packers, remember D-Day tomorrow & kiss a veteran [Powder & Miss C might want to pinch a few butts], let em know you remember their service & appreciate the fact that German is not the National language.

warren said...

FlyNavy...so he likes the cricket down there...he just has to get him in the right spot?

I get that...