Dance Like An Entire Stadium Is Watching...

Aaron has been trying out for a travel tournament baseball team every night this week. He is having the time of his life and I am having the time of my life watching all of these kids with so much talent come together as a team and support one another.

It is an amazing thing the way boys make friendships. Girls are different-although Hope's softball team is a tight group, there is usually drama somewhere in the mix. Boys don't do drama. They are there to simply play ball and have fun.

We have finally merged into the age of maturity and teamwork that when someone does make a mistake, there is always another team member there backing them up-helping them out-making the play-and patting them on the back. The mistake is not carried off the field with them because their team members supported the player.

I do stay away from the parents though. Please forgive me if you are a parent that sits in the stands and boasts about your kid to everyone. I just can't stand to be around that. Maybe your kid is good-that is great... but the last time I looked, it was your kid out there and not you-please stop living vicariously through them. That is creepy. I also can't stand when parents talk about other people's kids. Who are you to make a comment on a kid who is out there doing the best they can? Yeah-I stay away from parents in bleachers because I could end up in jail for three days if I didn't.

Anyway-since we have baseball on the brain this week, I thought I would share this video that I grabbed up from the lunatics over at threedonia. It is funny-it is kids being kids.

The joy of just being able to live.


Anonymous said...

June- I loved that video!! I am with you, I too stay away from the Bleacher Parents who are living vicariously through their children-I have my own life thank you very much.

Pharmacist Erin said...

That video was AWESOME!! I bet the fans were loving it!

FLYNAVY said...

UCon...amateurs. Your tax dollars @ work.


pogocl said...

What a cool video! Made me want to get up and get goofy, too!!

Sarah said...

Yes, I think with every team my boys are on, the other parents must think I'm some anti-social freak. I stay in my own quiet world, far, far away...sometimes from my own husband! (Soccer is the worst by the way...baseball has had the least amount of weirdo-vicarious-kid will one day need therapy parents...soccer, phew, I squint as far away as I can.)

Tara B said...

This totally made my day. I can watch those guys over and over. Loving your blog "June". Wish we were still in the big O with you. I have recently put my hat in the blog ring..check it out.


Tara B

bardess said...

This so made me giggle. I think I've watched it 5 times already. Totally awesome.