How Many Steps Is It From My Couch To The Fridge...

I was reading on-line a few weeks ago that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle you need to walk up to 10,000 steps a day. That is about 5 miles give or take a few hop, skips and jumps.

This kind of information sends my brain in overload and I end up with sleepless nights wondering just how many steps I do take in a day.

So I ordered a pedometer and received it about a week ago. I usually do not remember to wear it until around 10 o'clock in the morning and by that time I am sure I have walked about 25,000 steps so it is pointless to put the thing on my hip and start counting.

This morning I made a point to put it on right when I got out of bed. I picked today because I did not have any errands to run and my chore list was at a minimum. I wanted to know how many steps I took just being me... with no walks through the mall, no grocery store extravaganzas and not even walking to the neighbor's house to borrow some cage-free organic eggs. I wanted to know how many steps I make sitting on my rear basically.

Well, no wonder I can't friggen' lose these last 10 lbs. Me, on an ordinary day (making dinner, vacuuming the family room, folding laundry) sucks! I only took 3,380 steps so far... and it is 7 pm! This is usually the time of day that I sit on the couch and do nothing... but I have only walked 3,380 steps! That realization just took the fun out of being a slump on the couch.

Now I have to go for a walk... and I can't stop for 6,620 steps! Basically I have to double my daily expulsion of fitness in the last hours of the day.

This is a stupid pedometer. I was much happier when I lived in step ignorance.


Liz said...

This totally cracks me up! As I sit here on my duff, my pedometer reads 1934, and it's 9 pm. Yeah, no wonder I can't lose any weight.

Anonymous said...

I have a pedometer and Ainsley grabs it from my nightstand and shakes it so I make more steps than I think...good job girl!

stupidfathobbit said...

Here where I work, the nurses gave all the staff pedometers last year. There was supposed to be a contest each quarter where the person with the highest # of steps won something. Only 2 people turned in their steps and one of them (who walks 2 hours every morning) was so high that everyone got discouraged and quit wearing theirs. It was really funny.

Alicia Seevers said...

So I've now determined why an Annual Pass at Disneyland costs us $250 a year, per person. I guess it's their way of charging you for a gym membership cause the one time I wore my pedometer to Disneyland I actually went over the 10,000 mark. I haven't worn that darn thing in over a year now!

Anonymous said...

I haven't used mine since it fell in the toilet!
User beware!
I couldn't believe it! It fell in the toilet and that was the end of it.
Do they make water proof pedometers? Now there is the next "Big Idea"
Someone let me know when somebody puts one the market! But don't mention it when they make their first million on the darn thing!
Happy stepping!
Aunt Barbara

Anonymous said...

Okay, now that we have all had our walk or at least have talked about our walk...did you know...It's National Donut Day! Yeah, let's talk about donuts!

sodaboy said...

i would incorporate some weight training - it burns fat quicker and breaks up the monotony