I've fallen and I can't get up...

My husband's back went out yesterday. We had a tree that fell in a storm and so the stump was left in the front yard. This time of year, we get all kinds of handymen going door-to-door looking for odd jobs and cash. Yesterday my husband's answer to his dreams knocked on our front door. Wally's Tree Stump Removal Company-complete with pick-up truck and stump cutter was at our door to offer their services. For the low low price of $85 and a beer, they gladly cut our stump down to 5 inches below the dirt level. After doing this, they left a mess and clean up was not part of the $85 price. Note: this job took a total of 20 minutes start to finish... not a bad hourly wage for ol' Wally. Anyway, my husband went to work hauling the old tree chippings and such to to the back of the woods behind our house. After about 15 minutes I looked out the front window to see him kneeling in prayer-or so I thought. His back had gone out. Does this stop that man o' mine--nope. He kept on hauling that dirt and wood until his back was good and injured. He never does anything halfway let me tell ya!

This morning, it was determined that my husband could not go to Church because of the pain. What used to be a strong viral man now looks like a fragile child with an "S" shaped back. I helped him into the shower and then out again--all of the time laughing because that is what you do to people who are in pain and look ridiculous... you laugh at them. Well, my laughter increased his anger which in turn increased his pain which in turn increased my laughter. I am a horrible person I know this--but it was pretty dang funny. I could not tell if he was angry at the fact that I had to help him put on his boxers and socks, or if he was angry with the fact that I found this entire ordeal humorous. Note: I did not really find it funny, but sometimes you just gotta laugh. And can I just say, it is incredibly hard to put man size socks on a man size foot that is still wet from a shower!

On a different note: I think I found a new friend. If you read my blog long enough, you will see that I am always on the lookout for new friends--especially since we are in the military and move so often. Having just been at our new location 7 months now, I am still on the lookout for friends. I am picky when it comes to friends though... I am nice to everyone, but it takes a special kind of person to be my friend. When I go to a function I usually look for the ladies who are drinking and laughing because those are my kind of friends... and if they tell me that they will pray for me when I am having a hard day--well then they will be my lifelong friend! The bad thing about being pregnant right after you move somewhere (which is the case with me) is that you are instantly dubbed as the "pregnant lady." Who wants to be friends with a pregnant lady? Not me because chances are if I become their friend they will want me to watch their kid once they pop them out--no thanks. Anyway, I changed my son's Religious Education classes and his new teacher seems like good friend material. We will see how it goes--I will keep you updated.

One last thing: My older sister sent me a 3rd degree relic of St. Gerard (patron Saint of pregnant women). If anyone would like me to place your name on this relic let me know! Have a wonderful Sunday-talk to you tomorrow!



Michelle said...

Good luck with blogging, Cris. Thanks for stopping by mine!

Mary Poppins NOT said...

Thanks for stopping by my place ~ the name of your blog totally cracked me up. I'll certainly be back. Blessings!

Melissa said...

I think I'm going to love this blog! (I clicked over from Michelle's.) Thanks for a great laugh this morning...and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!