You Know My Methods, Watson...

tap... tap... tap... is this thing on? Can someone please turn the lights on for me? Maybe take the dust sheets off the furniture? Open up a window or two to air this place out? It smells of stale alcohol and sweat socks!


I realize it isn't Monday so why am I even here if it is not Monday and I am not putting a swoon up-but you see my long lost friends, it is Tuesday and I was told on Monday by a couple of very sweet and annoying friends that they hate Mondays and they need a swoon to get them through and me being the kind and considerate person I am let them trudge through Monday only to put the Swoon up TODAY-Tuesday! (I would link to the other friend's blog, but she is a FB friend and I am afraid that her blog is TOP SECRET, as in "Her mother in law don't know about it and she wants to keep it that way!" So I will just say that I was going to link her to the "sweet" of the "sweet and annoying friends" - not saying that Maria is annoying... but she would appreciate the annoying part more than my top secret friend would so I gave it to her so she can tell people to "suck it" all day and feel justified. You are welcome UptownGirl-don't say I never did anything for ya, and as for you my Top Secret blog friend-you are welcome too.)

It is also Anne's birthday-so Happy Birthday Anne! This Swoon is for you-and a few others that read me (all 8 of you now that I have abandoned you and left you to read blogs like "SoccerMomsUnite" and "I BasketWeave Therefore I Am")


Someone somewhere requested this swoon a couple of weeks ago in another space time continuum . I had just seen Sherlock Holmes and liked it-she had seen it and liked it too. We both liked it for the same reason.

Robert Downey Jr.

My. My. My.

Oh, don't look at me like that Bobby... I know what you are thinking.

I first saw RDJ in the movie "Weird Science" ("he don't even have a license Lisa!)

I know he is short in real life... and I am a tall girl so I usually turn my nose up to the short fellas (sorry Kenny Chesney, but we had this discussion the other night on text and I am not going to back down on my tall convictions) but in my mind (and my mind is much like Disney Land) RDJ is tall... tall, dark, and handsome!


Tall, dark, handsome, and carries a gun.


And he is also sensitive... just look at him laying in bed thinking of ways to wish Anne a Happy Birthday!


Well... I am off again to do my top secret missile launching job that you didn't hear me tell you about. I will be back if I get another swoonworthy request and I am feeling a little six-pack hungry.


Miss you all and love you mucho grande taco bell.


OH... I ALMOST FORGOT! I tried to get this damn video on this here blog but apparently Elton John does not like me. Whatever-must be because of that night I met him at Madonna's flat in London (that she no longer has-which is fine because personally, I thought it was too small.) and I told him that I did not like his purple rimmed glasses. Such a prude. ANYWAY... RDJ is sooo very swoonworthy in this video. He gives great back and this is probably one of my favorite songs (but don't tell Elton that) and I may or may not have listened to it over a million times in the past year-or my lifetime, whichever.


I don't know if this will work-if not just click it and take a minute or two to gaze at the man who made Tuesday all that much better than Monday this week!

SingingFool.com - Elton John - I Want Love - Music Video


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